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Name: Feivel Arandale : Fëanor
Age: 14; looks 12
Appearance: Skinny, medium height, grey eyes, dark hair. Pointy ears.
Occupation: Pupil

Full Application: Linked here.

Echoes Received:
1st Echo - Physical - Tier one - upon birth - Grey eyes (instead of dark brown ones)
2nd Echo - Physical - Tier one - first time teleporter use - Fëanor's fëa, aka his spirit, which exceeds the fëa of every other non-eternal being in Middle-earth. For now, this simply gives him more life force or a greater amount of spiritual presence, and he'll start to leak fëa (which shows as him appearing as a shining light greater than his physical appearance on the astral/spiritual plane)
3rd Echo - Memory - Tier two (March) - Arnold, one of his sons' reincarnation, mentioning that his preincarnation had lots of brothers - All names of his sons. This includes their mother- and father-names, their Sindarized names and any epessë that they may have gained over time that Fëanor would know of. He also remembers that they were the names of a bunch of brothers, but he doesn't remember how many brothers there were or what his relation to them was/if he was one of them or not/if he had any connection at all.
4th Echo - Memory - Tier 1 - Arnold telling him that there are Sindar/Grey Elves who have a language of their own - More or less connected memories of himself and some other people adapting names from a language that he recognizes as "ours" into Sindarin, either through translating to compound words or through adapting the sounds. He doesn't know how he and those people belong to one another and only can put together name and person for those who during those memories are identified with a name (he knows who Maedhros, Maglor and Curufin are and that Maedhros is somehow connected to Fingon and that Curufin is Celebrimbor's father. He also knows that Fëanor/Fëanaro is his own name).
Secondly, the preferred main names of his sons along with the main descriptor that Fëanor gave to them - basically, how he would have described them to a stranger (along the lines of "Maitimo, he's the oldest and not particularly talented anywhere but a great older brother, Makalaurë, for some reason he's a great singer and composer, Tyelkormo, ..."). Again, he doesn't know if this is a complete list or how he relates to the people on it.
5th Echo - Item - Tier 1 - Seeing Arnold's Silmaril - The two remaining Silmarils
6th Echo - Mental - Tier 2 - Seeing Hajime shapeshift - Knowledge of the Ainur, but no specific names/persons + Valarin (speaking)
7th Echo - Mental - Tier 1 - Speaking Valarin - Understanding Valarin
8th Echo - Physical - Tier 1 - Seeing Aubriana's pointy ears - Pointy ears
9th Echo - Physical - Tier 1 - Discussing Gabriel's deageing - Elven ageing
10th Echo - Mental - Tier 1 - Trying to systematize Sindarin - The little Sindarin that Fëanor managed to learn before he died. It's enough to make out what the other person is talking about if they're patient and speak slowly and simply, and to then give very simple answers that aren't necessarily correct. Also: Hideous Quenyan accent.
11th Echo - Memory - Tier 1 - Hair encounter - Theoretical knowledge of how to make a Fëanorian lamp
12th Echo - Physical - Tier 2 - Galapagos lights - Elven strength and agility
13th Echo - Physical - Tier 2 - Tokyo lights - Elven hearing and sight
15th Echo - Memory - Tier 1 - Learning that he has a brother for the first time - The birth of his first (half-)brother and the emotional and general circumstances surrounding it.
16th Echo - Physical - Tier 1 - Ghost wolpertinger encounter - Muscle memory of how to use a sword
17th Echo - Item - Tier 1 - Doppelgänger encounter - His sword
18th Echo - Memory - Tier 1 - Pointing a sword at someone who looks like his sister/sibling - The whole scene that ends with Fëanor threatening his brother/sibling with a sword, including the knowledge that this guy was his brother.
19th Echo - Physical - Tier 2 - Pink lights: Moon - Elven durability and health
20th Echo - Ability - Tier 1 - Gabriel speaking Quenya - Speaking & understanding Quenya
21st Echo - Ability - Tier 2 (May) - Speaking Quenya - Reading & Writing Quenya
22nd Echo - Ability - Tier 1 - Nat telling him about nature having a voice - The part of sanwe that allows an openness of mind towards nature that one wouldn't typically expect to have thoughts/voices like rocks, trees, etc.
23rd Echo - Memory - Tier 1 - Liam talking about his father the king (who in this life is Arnold) - Memory that Maglor, Maedhros, himself and Finwë all were high kings of the Noldor and that title went to Fingolfin after, but no further context
24th Echo - memory - Tier 1 - "Maglor's cousin Ingo" coming up in a conversation - That Ingo's full name was Ingoldo and he was the eldest son of Fëanor's second brother Arafinwë
25th Echo - Memory - Tier 1 - The term "kinslayer", applied to Maglor - The first kinslaying.
26th Echo - Memory - Tier 1 - Looking at portraits of his sons and himself - The faces of the sons that he was still missing, complete with face-name connections.
27th Echo - Knowledge - Tier 1 - Nat telling him about Force usage - How Tolkien "magic" works.
28th Echo - Memory - Tier 1 - doppel!Arnold dies by fire - Let's set ships on fire and accidentally kill my youngest son! Aka the Losgar episode from start to finish.
29th Echo - Memory / Mental - Tier 2 - Finding his parents' bodies in the ruins of London - His father's death, all the way from Mandos mentioning that someone died to the point where Echo 25 starts. As this memory includes the oath, he is now also bound by it.
30th Echo - Memory / Ability - Tier 2 - Preparing his parents' bodies for their last journey - His mother's long passing: His mother's last waking days; visits to her while they still thought that she'd return and finally being told that this will be the last visit because she'll stay dead. The part of osanwë that allows the communication with another sentient mind.

Notes: Biological brother of [personal profile] oncedevil, adopted son of the cousin of [personal profile] thebalrogslayer and adopted brother of [personal profile] alderaanda.
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Name: Kira
Preferred Pronoun: She/her
Contact: [plurk.com profile] narwa

Name: Feivel Arandale; Fe (preferred); he will also listen to Fëanáro, though he won't think of himself by that name
Canon: Tolkien: Silmarillion
AU: [community profile] savetheearth CRAU: After the end of Eru's creation, Fëanor's soul was reincarnated on a planet that was mostly like our modern Earth. It started to slowly return to the new host at some point, so Feivel has memories, abilities and physical traits of both Fëanor and himself now.

Pull-point: Post-canon / A year after the invasion at SavetheEarth, right before RaisetheEarth starts.

Power Opt-in post link: Link to an Opt-in post, where players can post to give you permission to use your character's powers on their character. Things like Telepathy or transfiguration would apply here. Write "N/A" if your character has no abilities requiring permissions. This should be it's own entry on your journal and not combined with any others.

Content Opt-out post link: Parental death, large-scale destruction, death of one's children.

Age: 15; he looks to be a human 12.

Gender/Sex: Male.


Should include height; hair & eye color; special things of note (like a limp, being blind, having pointy ears, missing an eye, specific visual mannerisms - also things like a stutter); and a picture of their full body (if there are no pictures, either use a PB or supply a brief description.

History: Fëanor was the greatest inventor of Middle-earth, but he also had some issues that led to him causing a lot of grief and dying spectacularly. (Timeline-notes: Miriel died when he was a child, only one of the twins died at Losgar). More info on him here.

Eventually, his world ended, and he was reborn into a new one: A version of our modern Earth. He was the second son of a mixed-ethnicity American-based family, and all went well until his parents died in a car accident. Him and his brother Tony got separated, and due to the traumatic nature of the accident and its aftermath he forgot about him. His new family provided him with an older sister, and the whole family relocated to London, where he grew up.

When he was 14, strange things started to happen in the world, and he began to receive snippets of his former life - abilities, memories, items, and more. As such, he also received access to a network through which he found Tony again, but also met reincarnated Maglor and some other people. Only a few months later he helped to defend the world from an alien attack, in which his adoptive parents died. After staying adrift for a while, he has now settled in a town in New Zealand with Tony, his adoptive sister Tash, and a few friends.

Personality: A quick idea of what your character is like in no more than a paragraph. Please mention here if your character comes with anything people should be aware of OOCly, such as being manipulative or clingy, or come with trigger warnings. This section is meant to function as a "heads up when you tag this character this is what you're dealing with" informational piece for other players, not as a "look how well I understand this character" essay. (100 word minimum, 200 words ideal, 500 words hard max.)

Abilities: A brief idea of what they can do. (This is a section the mods will be looking at closely, do not worry about length.)


- Three silmarils.
- One of which has been turned into the core of a a functional, if somewhat makeshift (operating with a battery) lightsaber. The battery is in a box attached to his belt.
- A mobile phone.
- A regular sword created by Fëanor.
- Some pictures of both the Fëanorian family and people from Feivel's life, some photographs, some drawn by Arnold and bound into a small booklet. Featured, among others, are Tony, Nat, his six dead parents, Arnold, Liam, Fëanor's sons.
- A Fëanorian lamp (though a slightly odd one - he kind of had to reinvent them with the resources that he had)
- A backpack with a first aid kit (with multiple rescue blankets in it in addition to the regular contents), some food, a change of clothes, a swiss knife, sunglasses, sunscreen, and some lemsip in it).

Anything else: Feivel has the same soul as Fëanor, but due to a different upbringing, he has as many similarities as he has differences. There's close to no physical difference now, but he's a bit more mellowed out and less prone to overreact, and somewhat aware of areas where he might better defer to other people's better judgement.


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